3-Set Original Swiss Fruit and vegetable Peeler


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Convenient Set of 3 Peelers in Assorted Colors:

This practical set includes three peelers, each in a different color, offering versatility and ease for various peeling needs.

Superior Cutting Performance with Carbon Steel Blade:

Crafted with a super-sharp carbon steel blade, these peelers outperform many others in cutting efficiency and edge retention, ensuring prolonged sharpness for effortless peeling.

Ergonomic Design Suitable for Both Hands:

Featuring an ergonomic design, these peelers are comfortable to use, catering to both right and left-handed individuals, ensuring a pleasant peeling experience for all users.

Efficient Y-Shaped Carbon Steel Blade with Eye Remover:

Designed with a Y-shaped carbon steel horizontal blade, these peelers offer convenience while peeling. Additionally, they come equipped with a handy potato eye remover for added versatility.

Hand Washing Recommended:

For optimal maintenance and longevity, hand washing is recommended for these peelers, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for continued use.


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